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Trombone Shorty

The Project

When Trombone Shorty (Troy Andrews) picked up the trombone at age 4, he could not have known it would change his life. Practicing constantly, by age 6 he had formed a band with other neighborhood kids. They played on street corners for whatever passersby would give. Young Troy was so small—his instrument was twice his size—and so talented, that he earned the nickname “Trombone Shorty.” We interviewed him prior to his performance for the PBS program “In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of American Creativity”.

The Theme

The Arts are the heartbeat of America, the place where creativity and art come to life. In the interview Trombone Shorty reflects on the music he learned in the streets of New Orleans, the city he loves and that’s given him so much. As Trombone Shorty grew up, he learned his music from older musicians who passed down the city’s deeply-rooted musical traditions and culture. Not every kid has that opportunity, but they can learn music in school. Too often it has been cut along with the other arts. When the Arts are part of the school day kids are excited to go to school and even perform better in academic classes.


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