Shooting National Geographic TV “Ultimate Factories Bentley”

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Shooting National Geographic TV “Ultimate Factories Bentley”



Bentley with Jib along Wales coast

Late last summer National Geographic TV hired my wife Anne and I, to shoot an Ultimate Factories documentary. The subject was Bentley Motor Cars and the handmade craftsmanship that goes into every one of their cars. We focused on the Mulsanne model with a starting price of around $265,000.

We shot one other Ultimate Factories assignment in Italy where we filmed the Ferrari 599 sports car. With Ferrari it was all style; with the Bentley Mulsanne we concentrated on the craft of making a car that might well outlive the owner.

Cameras used in the filming of the Mulsanne were the Varicam, Canon 5D Mark II, Sony EX 3, and 2 Go Pro cameras with waterproof housings. We also had with us the Filmtools triangular car mount kit, Bill Go with Dolly, ABA C50 Jib Arm and the Innovision Probe ll with lenses.


Jib-dolly shooting interior of Bentley

There were 5 people on the Team headed up by veteran producer Gareth Harvey; production assistant/2nd camera Peter Takacs; sound tech my wife, Anne; grip/jib-dolly rigger my son, Scott and me as DP. We landed in Manchester, England in August of last year and immediately drove to Nantwich, a small town a few miles from the Bentley factory located in Crewe, England. We worked as two teams – if I was on sticks, Pete and Scott were moving ahead setting up the dolly or jib for the next shot. Pete would also go off to shoot other cover shots needed for the documentary with the EX3. Gareth would often run ahead of all of us prepping for the next sequences


Factory dolly shot